Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Exterior House Paint Color Ideas

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Exterior House Paint Color Ideas What color should I pick for the exterior of my house?. Finally getting around to painting the outside of my house and I'm really torn on what color to use. For a little more information about the house, it's Craftsman Bungalow built in 1927 located in Orlando, Florida. The rest of my street are mostly ...
Gray What color exterior ?. Looking for idea of exterior color for this craftsman style bungalow. It is in a marina subdivision on North Carolina coast amidst very tall trees. The only neighboring house is white with black shutter. It gets hot in summers, winters aren't too bad.
Exterior House Colors Exterior House Colors – 50 Shades of Grey Siding. The exterior for me is one of the scariest things to ... I’m really excited about the high contrast look, plus there isn’t another house on the lake this deep charcoal color. Let me share a few of my fave inspiration pics. I love the high contrast ...
Exterior House Color Schemes Never Pick a Neutral Without Large Colour Boards: Pssst! They Do it For You!. The correct paint colour for this room is taupe because the carpet is ... For example, if you painted the exterior of your house brown right now, it would instantly date your house 15 years because that's how long the brown trend has been around.
Exterior House Paint Color Schemes How to Convince Your Spouse to Paint Your Brick House. Because this blog is about colour, I get a lot of questions from clients asking for a solution for their brick exterior. They have two questions ... When one of my sisters moved into their current house and I saw their existing burgundy-red brick ...
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